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Preparing for Mother Nature – Emergency preparedness

The last few weeks have shown us how strong Mother Nature can be, in the forms of hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. As a reminder, we each should create a plan for emergencies and/or evacuations- one that does not rely on first responders as the initial source of help. This is especially important for those who have special needs: oxygen dependent; wheelchair users; limited mobility; communication difficulties- and many others things not listed here. Regardless, everyone should have a plan for themselves.

For more information on how to prepare for an emergency, including making a family disaster plan, please click on this link to the County’s website, and look at the red box in the lower right corner.

Another good resource is

And don’t forget that about the County’s free app for your smart phone. It’s in the app store as SD Emergency.

Thank you for planning to ensure your own safety!

Annual C4A Conference

C4A has announced the website for the C4A 2017 Annual Meeting & Allied Conference ( is open for attendee registration. You may now visit the website, register, and pay your fee via a secured payment platform. You have the option to pay online or pay by check. If you only register on the website, send your check to: C4A, 980 Ninth Street, Suite 240, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Here is a link to the conference venue, Sheraton Gateway, Los Angeles, so that you many book your discounted hotel accommodations as well.

San Diego county IHSS providers may now submit their timesheets electronically!

This is an optional benefit that may allow you faster processing and may avoid postal mail delays. The provider and consumer must enroll in the service with separate emails in order to use this benefit. If you are an active, eligible provider, and the consumer is also active and eligible in the IHSS program, you may visit to enroll in electronic timesheets. The provider and consumer need access to the internet. However, the consumer has the option of approving the timesheets via telephone. For assistance, contact the Electronic Timesheet Service Help Desk at their toll free number (866) 376-7066, option 4. Read more about the Electronic Timesheet Service at the CDSS website by clicking here. For in-person training, contact the Public Authority customer service at (866) 351-7722 for locations and dates.

¡Los proveedores de IHSS del condado de San Diego ya pueden usar el sistema electrónico para hojas de tiempo!

Este servicio es opcional y puede que apresure el proceso de su hoja de tiempo y limite tiempo de correo. El proveedor y consumidor deben inscribirse con correos electrónicos separados para poder usar el beneficio. Si es un proveedor activo y elegible, y su consumidor también está activo y elegible en el programa de IHSS, pueden visitar la página web para inscribirse en hojas de tiempo electrónicas. El proveedor y consumidor necesitan tener acceso al internet. Sin embargo, el consumidor puede aprobar las hojas de tiempo por teléfono. Para más asistencia, llame al número gratuito de asistencia de Electronic Timesheet Service al (866) 376-7066, opción 4. Oprima aquí para leer más sobre el servicio en la página web de CDSS . Para entrenamiento en persona, llame a servicio al cliente de Public Authority (866) 351-7722 para localidades y fechas.

Quick Tips for Maintaining Good Health as an Individual Provider

Working as a Provider is important and rewarding but it can also be very hard. Some Consumers may be very demanding; a few may be unpleasant. A Consumer’s condition or situation may cause you to worry or may be upsetting to you. Some tips on how to maintain good mental and physical health include:

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude
  • Talk about problems before they get serious
  • Take care of yourself. Take breaks if you are working several hours
  • Stay in good health by eating a nutritious diet and getting sufficient sleep
  • Try to get away for recreation, exercise, and social time
  • Find someone or a group that can give you support and understanding

Although we appreciate your desire to assist Consumers in need, please remember that it is also important to take care of yourself as well.