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A Consumer is a low-income elderly or disabled individual who is a recipient of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).

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  • Young and elderly woman

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “Being able to care for her (Consumer) is such a great experience. She is a very independent woman and with my assistance she is able to live happily and independently. That in itself is a reward.”

  • Caretaking woman and elderly man

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “I really enjoy being able to help other people. I’ve been a Provider for many, many years. It makes me very happy. I love my job!”

  • Two women outside

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “My Provider has made a big difference in my life. Not being able to see is challenging, so having someone I can trust and rely on makes everything so much better.”

  • Nurse with arm around patients shoulder

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “I appreciate my Provider for everything she does for me. Like peanut butter and jelly, we stick together. We are a team!”

  • Two men inside a home

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “Making a difference in people’s lives, having a flexible work schedule and the ability to learn about other cultures are a few of the reasons I love working as a Provider.”

  • Two women smiling

    Quality Service = Quality Care

    “I feel secure knowing that my Provider will be there for me. She is caring, compassionate and trusting.”