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New Year’s Resolutions (Promises) to Keep for Caregivers

As the calendar turns and caregivers contemplate resolutions (promises) for beginning the year with a bang, we offer a few tips that can help you stay strong and energized in the New Year!

1) Thank yourself in case no one else does. Even if they don’t say it out loud, they are thinking it and know how fortunate they are to have you caring for them.

2) Take time out of every day to care yourself so you can go on caring for your senior.

3) Get your flu shot! You can’t afford to be sick! Be sure you take care of yourself, including all preventive health care to keep you well.

4) Read a book of inspiration or new ideas!

5) Join a support group! Learn from others who walk in your shoes and then help someone else cope!

6) Maintain balance between your family, work, and caregiving life.

7) Deal with your emotions of anger, confusion, frustration and talk with others who can help you.

8) Stay positive – you are making a difference in the life of someone!

We wish happiness and health to you and you’re the senior you will be assisting during the upcoming year!

Oh, and let us say it — Thank you!”

Adapted from article by Kathy Birkett at