About Us

The Public Authority was established per State mandate to act as Employer of Record for IHSS Providers and operate a Registry of Providers. The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors acts as the Governing Body for the Public Authority. The Public Authority is a separate legal entity from the County, but works as a partner with IHSS, serving IHSS Providers and Consumers.

For information regarding the Public Authority’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-2022, click here.

About the Executive Director

In March 2016, Vickie Molzen began as the IHSS Public Authority’s Executive Director after more than 25 years of service with the County of San Diego. In 2001, she assisted with the creation of the Public Authority while working at Aging & Independence Services. Since then, as an IHSS Program Manager, she has worked with key Public Authority staff to ensure excellence in service to both consumers and providers. Her goals for the Public Authority include increasing the diversity of the Registry providers to ensure the consumers are served in a linguistically and culturally competent way, and to increase the providers’ access to training that will improve their skills and knowledge.


The Health and Human Services Agency provides a broad range of health and social services to promote wellness, self-sufficiency, and a better quality of life for individuals and families in San Diego County.

California Association of Public Authorities is a non-profit association comprised of the IHSS Public Authorities in California created to provide proactive leadership to improve the IHSS program in California.