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Drink more water!

It is important for your mind and body that you stay hydrated and always have water on hand. Drinking water has many benefits, including making us feel better overall. Not only does it do that, but drinking water also increases our energy and relieves fatigue.  Since our brains are mostly water it makes sense that drinking water helps us think, focus and concentrate better.

Important notice for applicant IHSS Providers

If an approved IHSS Recipient has chosen to hire you and you have not yet attended an enrollment session and had your Live Scan fingerprinting done, this notice is for you.


Effective July 1, 2018 the Live Scan vendor who is available to roll your fingerprints during an enrollment session, has increased their fee. The new fee for the fingerprinting and background check is $38.


Please ensure you bring cash or money order to the enrollment session to pay for the fee.


If you have any questions regarding this notice or provider enrollment, please call the Provider Enrollment and Training Department at (866) 351-7722.


2-1-1 Offers Free Services That Can Connect You to Over 6,000 Agencies

2-1-1 is a local nonprofit organization with connections to over 6,000 community, health, and disaster services. They provide a free, 24 hour, confidential phone service in 200+ languages and a searchable online database of community agencies.

Why dial 2-1-1?

Much like 9-1-1 can connect you to an ambulance, fire department, and police, 2-1-1 can connect you to community agencies that provide emergency food assistance, shelter, healthcare, and more.

What happens when you dial 2-1-1?


When you dial “2-1-1” from your phone, you speak to one of their live representatives, any time, any day. They’re 24/7. They’ll ask you some questions about yourself and your situation. It is a confidential conversation, and they’ll use your answers to determine the best resources to refer you to.


What if you can’t call? Can you still get help from 2-1-1?

Yes, while their call center is available 24/7 for free, they also offer a free searchable online database of nearly 6,000 services available throughout San Diego County. All you have to do is visit and enter the keywords that describe what kind of service you need.

Do you suspect abuse or neglect?

If you are a provider and know or suspect someone you are caring for is the victim of abuse it is mandated by law that you report it to the County Adult Protective Services agency, the County Children’s Protective Services agency, or local law enforcement.

Some of the more common types of abuse may include:

·      physical abuse

·      mental suffering

·      abandonment

·      isolation

·      financial abuse

·      neglect by others

·      self-neglect

·      abduction

·      sexual abuse

If you suspect abuse call:

Adult Protective Services—(800) 510-2020

Child Abuse Hotline—(800) 344-6000

The information about who reported the abuse will be kept confidential.