Happy and thriving with the assistance of my IHSS Provider

It is our goal at the Public Authority to assist eligible low-income elderly and disabled individuals with disabilities in San Diego County (Consumers) to live high quality lives in their own homes. We accomplish this by recruiting, screening and training Providers (caregivers) who are available to assist our eligible Consumers in their own homes. This service is available at no cost to the eligible Consumer.

Find out the rewards of being a Consumer on the Public Authority Registry.

Public Authority staff members were very helpful when I called. I can tell that they really enjoy and are dedicated to helping people!

I’m so glad that these Providers can help me live a better life. I want to thank you, the Public Authority Registry and IHSS, for helping me!

Based on my experience, the help from the Public Authority Registry staff has been an invaluable resource in assisting me in finding me skilled, competent caregivers. Thank you for all of your support!