Provider Enrollment FAQ’s

Can I obtain a packet at the enrollment session?

No. Do not attend an enrollment session unless you were mailed a complete packet from the Public Authority.

Can I bring someone to the enrollment session?

No. Please do not bring anyone with you to the enrollment training center, as there is limited space and no child care available.

Do I mail my enrollment paperwork?

No. You must attend the enrollment session in order to submit the paperwork in person and provide proof of identity.

Can I complete my fingerprint live scan at the enrollment session?

Yes. For your convenience, there will be a Live Scan fingerprinting vendor onsite at the enrollment session, available to scan your fingerprints.

Does my name on my Social Security card and Identification card have to be the same?

Yes. The name on your Social Security card and Identification card must match, including any suffix, in order to be accepted.

Is it mandatory that I bring my Social Security card to the enrollment session?

Yes. You must bring your original Social Security card with you to the enrollment session. We do not accept copies or receipts in lieu of your Social Security card.

Can I bring a translator?

Yes. If you speak a language other than English or Spanish, feel free to bring a translator with you to the enrollment session.

Do you accept a Social Security card that says “Valid for Work Only with INS and/or DHS authorization”?

Yes. If you have a restricted Social Security card you must also provide your valid Employment Authorization Card.