Registry – Provider FAQ’s

How do I become a Registry Provider?

Contact the Public Authority Registry by phone at 866-351- 7722. Please click here for more information.

My Consumer refuses to sign my timesheet, what can I do?

If you are a Registry Provider, please contact your Public Authority Registry Coordinator. If you are a non-Registry Provider, please contact the Consumer’s Social Worker or United Domestic Workers for assistance.

What can my Public Authority Registry Coordinator or Training and Outreach Coordinator do to help me?

Your Public Authority Registry Coordinator can assist you with finding a Consumer to work for by adding your name to a Provider List, and engaging in Provider and Consumer education.

Your Public Authority Training and Outreach Coordinator can help you with improving your job skills by offering for you to attend the National Caregivers Training Program.

What do I do after I get hired by a Consumer?

If this is the 1st time you’ve worked as an IHSS Provider, please contact the Public Authority Provider Enrollment Department at 866-351-7722.

If you are already enrolled as an IHSS Provider and being with additional or new Consumers, call the Consumer’s Social Worker.

I’m already working for an IHSS Consumer, how do I get a new Consumer?

Contact the Public Authority Registry Department by phone at 866-351-7722. Please click here for more information on how to join the Public Authority Registry.

Why haven’t I received my initial timesheets yet?

If you have not received your initial timesheets after you’ve been enrolled, including passing the criminal background check, please contact your Consumer’s Social Worker for more information.

I have been a Provider for several years, why do I have to be fingerprinted?

The State of California mandates that all IHSS Providers, whether they are listed on the Registry or are Non-Registry Providers, submit fingerprints and successfully pass a Department of Justice Criminal background check.